What is funnels? How to Approach funnels in 2023

What is funnels? How to Approach funnels in 2023

Funnels. Funnels. Funnels. Wherever you turn online, you find people talking about funnels as the secret to get more sales.  For instance, people are always talking as if they're just one magic funnel away from building the perfect sales process.  That's one...

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The 3 Stages of Growing a 7+ Figure Online Business (Lessons and Resources From Helping 100’s Scale Their Online Business)

The 3 Stages of Growing a 7+ Figure Online Business (Lessons and Resources From Helping 100’s Scale Their Online Business)

Building a business and scaling it is no mean feat.

There are a lot of moving pieces, and we always try to complicate things.

After building nearly a dozen 7-figure businesses myself and mentoring others to scale their 7-figure businesses, I found out that it’s not about the different tactics that you apply.

It’s all about the mindset and the strategy that you focus on.

The problem is that it differs from one stage to another depending on where your business is at. Remember the saying “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

In this post, we’re going to solve this.

You’ll discover what you need to focus on in each stage and what to change in each stage to go from zero to six figures to seven figures and even to scale beyond seven figures.

I always talk about my Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy Method to help you scale your business. In this post, you’ll find out which part of this method to focus on and what other pieces of your businesses you need to shift your attention to in each stage.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Omnipresence Marketing Playbook: How to become the “Go To” in your Industry

Omnipresence Marketing Playbook: How to become the “Go To” in your Industry

So you know your audience. You know what resonates with them, and you know how to be relevant to them.

But you still can’t capture their attention long enough to move them from the slow lane to the fast lane and to finally convert them into buyers.

You can get people to see your content and join your audience, but a lot of them forget about you before you get them to even see your offer, much less purchase from you.

This means that you need to keep looking for more people to enter your world, thus decreasing your profitability and limiting your opportunity to scale and grow.

This is why being omnipresent to the group that enters your world is key to maintaining their attention and moving them from not knowing you or your solution to buying from you without the need to pitch to them all the time.

After working with hundreds of 7-figure business owners teaching them to apply omnipresence to their businesses so they could scale faster, I kept tweaking my thinking to help people understand it more clearly and implement it faster.

In this guide, you are going to understand it all.

I’m excited for you to finally be able to use Omnipresence in your business. After years of talking about it, I wanted to finally give you a deep dive into what it really means, how to make it work and how I’ve helped so many others build successful online businesses.

Excited to see you use this inside of your business.

But first, you need to understand that this is not a new tactic.

Initially, I started to take pride in thinking that I had invented a new marketing technique, but I soon realized that it wasn’t something new.

I realized that I was lucky and that I had mistakenly started utilizing one of the most powerful marketing techniques that has been used for the past couple of centuries.

If you look at the most successful businesses in history, as well as today, you’ll realize that they’re almost always omnipresent (at least to the people in the relevant market).

You can barely watch a TV, listen to a radio, or drive on a highway without being presented with an ad from the companies that dominate the auto insurance market: GEICO, State Farm, Progressive, and Allstate.

In fact, while I was doing research for my book, The Nuclear Effect, I discovered an interesting article written in the September 16, 1861 edition of The New York Times, and here’s part of what was in it:

Prominent among them was the omnipresent showman, PT Barnum, who had planned to make the occasion known far and wide, and their efforts were crowned with success.

The city was fairly overrun with the almost numberless vehicles, while the railway station was crowded from morning far into the night.

Whether your business is as boring as car insurance or as exciting as the production put on by one of history’s greatest showmen, effective omnipresence will add to your bottom line and amplify the impact your business creates for others.

Imagine if everyone in your market or niche knew about your business and knew precisely what your business has to offer. What if they knew a lot about you and your story? About the case studies and results, you got for clients?

Would it be hard to grab their attention and move them towards the sale without pitching to them?

Here’s the thing, when this starts to happen (people knowing about your business, about you and the results you can get), don’t be surprised when people start reaching out to you and deals start happening much faster without the need to push them to make the sale.

They will come to you knowing who you are, knowing your value, knowing your solution, knowing your process, knowing your method, and knowing your historical track record of success.

Because what you’re really doing is amplifying your relevance.

And all you have to do is prove to those people, your ideal customers, that you are the most relevant person to help them solve their problems.

Once you do that, you’ll find that people will almost automatically know, like, and trust you.

But unlike GEICO, you don’t need a billion-dollar marketing budget to benefit from omnipresence. Since you know your target audience and you want to be relevant to only those people, being omnipresent to them online will cost only a fraction of what it would cost a general audience mega-corporation like GEICO.

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Positioning in Marketing: How to Stand Out In Your Industry

Positioning in Marketing: How to Stand Out In Your Industry

"Positioning in marketing" is one of those things that everyone has heard of but very few people truly understand. Unlike other aspects of your business like your offer, your landing page, and your ads, it takes time to reap the benefits of positioning. And if your...

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Marketing Messaging: Attract The Right People At The Right Time (The 3 Lane Marketing Messaging Framework)

Marketing Messaging: Attract The Right People At The Right Time (The 3 Lane Marketing Messaging Framework)

You start attracting a good number of leads to your business, and you think that you’re doing a good job marketing your business.
Then you find that most of your leads are the wrong people who are not the perfect fit for your products or services.

What’s worse is that sometimes they are the right fit but the timing isn’t right for them, so by the time they are a good fit, you would probably have done more wrong than right for them throughout the followup process, which makes them go to your competitors.

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